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YETI E-Liquid 100ML Vape Juice 70VG 30PG Fruity Ice Cold Series 0mg/ml Ejuice-UK

YETI E-Liquid 100ML Vape Juice 70VG 30PG Fruity Ice Cold Series 0mg/ml Ejuice-UK


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YETI E-Liquid 100ML Vape Juice 70VG 30PG Fruity Ice Cold Series 0mg/ml E-juice-UK


Product Description:
Yeti e-liquid is a fantastic range of fruity flavours with an ice-cool hit. Fill up your tank and get ready for flavour Frostbite. These UK manufactured juices are not easy to forget. Every bottle of Yeti provides an ice-cold blast alongside incredible fruit flavours.
Yeti E-liquid is the latest product to take the industry by (snow) storm. These products are incredibly juicy and dangerously icy, we recommend that users try this product with caution, as we are hearing more & more reports of peoples minds being blown after the consumption of Yeti E-Liquid.

Product Features:

  • Flavour: Yeti Energy Shortfill
  • Size: 100ml
  • Strength: 0mg
  • Blend: 70% VG 30% PG
  • Flavour Notes: Menthol, Slushy, Energy Drink
  • Country of Manufacture: UK

Available juicy flavours:

  • BLUE RASPBERRY: Wild raspberries handpicked, crushed and slushed into a blizzard of profound flavour.
  • ENERGY: Charged with frozen crystals - reach dizzying heights with this bolt from the blue.
  • CHERRY: A glacial delicacy from the snowscapes of Alaska, this succulent dark cherry is a flavour best served cold.
  • ORANGE MANGO: Frozen in time - the Yeti’s classic blend of orange and mango comes together to create an avalanche of flavour.
  • APPLE CRANBERRY: Harvested from the depths of the frozen tundra, this miraculous combination of apple and cranberry is perfect for your everyday fix!
  • WATERMELON: Deep in the frozen mountains, thick ice is chiselled away to reveal this luscious watermelon treat.
  • HONEYDEW BLACKCURRANT: The perfect winter nectar foraged from the steepest icecaps, then laced with frozen currants.
  • GRAPE: Devine grapes frozen at high altitudes, chopped and pressed into an icy mix. The perfect all adventure vape!
  • STRAWBERRY: From the slopes of the arctic circle, this indulgent strawberry keeps it 100° below.
  • LEMONADE: Frosted lemons are plucked, thawed, twisted and squeezed to produce this refreshingly timeless lemonade.

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