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Loaded e Liquid 120ml Shortfill 0mg / 3mg by Ruthless 70/30 VG/PG

Loaded e Liquid 120ml Shortfill 0mg / 3mg by Ruthless 70/30 VG/PG


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Loaded E-Liquid Premium Vape E Juice USA 120ml.
This is a nicotine-free e-liquid. We will provide you with nicotine shots to make it 3mg.
One of the best selling juice available in 6 flavors
120ml bottle - 100ml e-Liquid
0mg 70/30 VG/PG
2x 10ml Nic Shot makes 3mg

Cookie Butter:
This new Loaded e-liquid was inspired by delicious crispy Belgian cookies, blended into a creamy spread! This vape is for all the cookie e-juice fanatics out there.

Cran-Apple Juice:
Cran-Apple E-Juice by Loaded E-Liquid is the newest flavor of rich cranberries and apple. So smooth in tasty...this juicy blend is already a fan favorite!

Glazed Donuts:
A warm right out-the-oven doughnut, topped with mouthwatering glaze. The greatest dessert of all time. Feast your eyes on the one and only Glazed Donuts by Loaded E-Juice!

Melted chocolate and roasted marshmallows on a crisp honey graham cracker! Enjoy the taste of your favorite campfire treat with Smores by Loaded E-Liquid.

Strawberry Jelly Donut:
Ever bite into a sugary puffy donut stuffed with gooey strawberry filling? We are pleased to announce that you can endlessly relive your very own doughnut bliss with this new e-liquid by Loaded E-Juices!

Lemon Bar:
Take a trip with Loaded Lemon Bar. This lemon e-juice was inspired by Tarte au citron, one of the best French desserts. Elevate your taste buds with this lemon creamy goodness. Nothing beats the delightful citrus flavoring infused with powdered sugar in this lemon e-liquid.

With our Loaded Lemon Bar, enjoy a thick and creamy dessert experience with every inhale. Designed for lovers of lemon e-juices that also provide that warm delicious dessert sustenance. With every inhale our Loaded Lemon Bar e-juice will make you feel like you are taking a bite of a refreshing yet sweet tarte au citron at a fancy French cafe. Stimulate your taste buds with this sweet lemon e-juice that is perfect for an all-day vape.

Flavor Profile: Refreshingly light lemon notes infused with sweet and creamy powdered sugar

Apple Fritter: 
Apple Fritter E-juice is a heartwarming e-liquid for anyone looking for sweet and savory flavors. Apple fritter consists of soft caramelized apple bites, heavenly golden-brown crust, and freshly ground cinnamon. Bon Appetite!

Glazed apple and woodsy cinnamon go hand in hand like butter and toast. If you’re lucky enough to taste fresh homemade bread, you’re going to love the taste of Apple Fritter. The inhale is gentle like a bite from a freshly made puffy doughnut. You will notice the sweet and woodsy cinnamon swirl around your mouth. The caramelized apple accents the overall flavor profile well as it rides subtly on top of the cinnamon and crispy breaded flavor. If you’re the type to enjoy a combination of sweet and savory flavors, Apple Fritter is waiting for you!

Flavor Profile: Caramelized Apple, Cinnamon, and Crispy Dough

Melon Milkshake:
Melon Milkshake E-juice is a silky smooth e-liquid with incredible flavor. Refreshing melons blended into a rich milkshake with a hint of honey is a true crowd-pleaser. Don’t sleep on Melon Milkshake!

Melon milkshake e-juice is true to its name and you will be surprised with the refreshing qualities of this e-liquid. When you’re vaping this juice, it will instantly remind you of a classic milkshake from your favorite diner joint. The velvety throat hit from the milky flavor will please the cloud chasers with rich clouds. Your taste buds will be in for a real treat and it will be hard to resist fogging up your room. The burst of fresh melons rides perfectly on the milky waves to give you a light and refreshing experience. The soft and rich milkshake flavor combined with melons makes for a perfectly blended e-juice. Lastly, the hint of honey is the cherry on top leaving you with a floral and sweet aftertaste!

Flavor Profile: Melon, Milkshake, Honey

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