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Elf Bar ELFA Pro Mango Prefilled Pods

Elf Bar ELFA Pro Mango Prefilled Pods


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The Elfa Pro pods are crafted for use with the Elfa Pro and Elfa pod vape kits. Each pod contains 2ml of e-liquid, delivering up to 600 puffs.This pack of two pods is a budget-friendly option, providing the same puff count as a disposable but at a significantly lower cost

  • Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod
    20mg Nic Salt
    MTL Vaping
    2ml Of E-Liquid Per Pod
    No Maintenance Required
  • Apple Peach - A delightful fusion of crisp apple and juicy peach, creating a harmonious balance of sweetness and tartness.
    Banana - Smooth and creamy banana flavour that brings a rich and satisfying taste reminiscent of freshly ripe bananas.
    Blue Razz Lemonade - A zesty blend of tangy blue raspberry and refreshing lemonade, offering a tantalising and thirst-quenching experience.
    Blueberry BG - The nostalgic sweetness of bubble gum intertwined with the juicy burst of blueberry flavour.
    Blueberry Cloudd - A playful and sugary delight that combines the sugary goodness of candy floss with the fruity essence of blueberries.
    Blueberry Snoow - Indulge in the comforting notes of berry jam, with a focus on luscious blueberries in this nostalgic flavour.
    Blueberry Sour Raspberry - A tangy twist on blueberries, featuring the added kick of sour raspberries for a dynamic and exhilarating taste.
    Blueberry - A classic and succulent blueberry taste that captures the essence of freshly picked berries.
    Cherry Cloudd - Experience the bold and vibrant taste of cherry candy, offering a sweet and tangy treat.
    Cherry Cola - A fusion of dark cherry and fizzy cola, producing a harmonious blend of fruitiness and soda pop.
    Cola - Classic cola flavour that captures the effervescence and sweetness of your favourite soda.
    Elfbull - Get a burst of energy with this flavour reminiscent of popular energy drinks, offering a lively and invigorating taste.
    Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava - A tropical symphony of exotic fruits, blending the vibrant flavours of kiwi, passion fruit, and guava for a truly refreshing experience.
    Lemon Mint - Zesty lemon meets cool mint in a refreshing fusion that revitalises your senses.
    Mango - Succulent and juicy mango flavour that captures the tropical essence of ripe mangoes.
    Mix Berries - A medley of various ripe berries, delivering a complex and fruity taste profile.
    Peach Ice - Sweet and juicy peach flavour combined with a cooling menthol kick for a refreshing and revitalising sensation.
    Pear - Crisp and subtly sweet pear flavour that brings the freshness of orchard-picked pears to your palate.
    Pineapple Lemon Qi - A fizzy and lively combination of tropical pineapple and zesty lemon, resembling a sparkling soda.
    Pink Lemonade - A rosy twist on classic lemonade, blending the tangy brightness of lemons with a touch of sweetness.
    Raspberry Watermelon - A vibrant pairing of ripe raspberries and juicy watermelon, offering a burst of fruity goodness.
    Spearmint - Cool and invigorating spearmint flavour that provides a refreshing and minty experience.
    Strawberry Grape - The sweet essence of ripe strawberries combined with the rich depth of grape flavour.
    Strawberry Kiwi - A classic duo of strawberries and kiwi, delivering a balanced blend of sweetness and tanginess.
    Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice - A trifecta of fruity flavours, combining strawberries, raspberries, and cherries with an icy twist.
    Strawberry Raspberry - A harmonious fusion of strawberries and raspberries, offering a delightful and juicy taste.
    Strawberry Snoow - Creamy and luscious strawberry ice cream flavour that provides a comforting and indulgent treat.
    Tropical Fruit - Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise with a mix of various exotic fruits, creating a burst of sun-kissed flavours.
    Watermelon Cherry - A dynamic duo of watermelon and cherry, combining the sweet juiciness of both fruits.
    Watermelon - Juicy and refreshing watermelon flavour that captures the essence of a succulent slice.
    Wild Orange - A burst of citrusy goodness with wild orange flavour, providing a zesty and vibrant taste experience.
    Pineapple Ice - Pineapple Ice blends the sweet tropical flavour of pineapple with a bold ice menthol note. The result is an exotic vape with a cool aftertaste.
    Lemon & Lime - Is a pairing of citrus fruits that blends zesty lemon and zingy lime flavours for a tangy vape.
    Mad Blue - Is a distinctive concoction of berries that blends together the sweet and tart notes of blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants.
    Snoow Tobac - Snoow Tobac is a rich blend that balances sweet and savoury notes. The dark taste of tobacco is fused with the soft flavour of cream
  • Elf Bar is a leading brand renowned for its dedication to delivering high-quality vaping products that prioritize innovation, convenience, and user satisfaction. With a focus on advanced technology and sleek design, Elf Bar offers a diverse range of devices, including pod systems and vape juices, crafted to meet the needs of vapers worldwide. The Elf Bar ElfA Pro Pods exemplify the brand's commitment to excellence, featuring premium materials, intuitive functionality, and exceptional performance. Whether you're a novice or an experienced vaper, Elf Bar products are designed to provide a consistently satisfying vaping experience.
Package Content:
  • 1 x Pack of 2 ELFA Pro Disposable Pods

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